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October 28, 2011 05:25 PM PDT

SubscribeWhat up, Freaks! Just wanted to let you know that Brick City House is still going strong, every Wednesday, on Chicago House FM.  You can grab the podcast - weekly - at my spot, http://SistaStroke.com.  If you're a Subscriber to the show, and I do thank you for that from the bottom of my heart, you can still get your weekly boogie dropped off to you by re-subscribing on Itunes.

Tune-In=Freak out!  Peace & Freak Freely.  -Sista Stroke

Brick City House | Jan 20, 2010 | w/guest Paul Johnson
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January 21, 2010 01:20 PM PST
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Brick City House | Jan 13, 2010 | w/ Fathom DJ
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January 15, 2010 08:22 AM PST
*house music: (n.): A style of disco music with a heavy bass beat, initially popularized in underground all-night parties held in abandoned warehouses.*

Hello, Friends and Fam ... I hope life is finding you well today, and warm too (let's be real). It's been a crazy week in our world this week, and we here at the BCH would like to first extend our prayers and condolences to our Brother's and Sister's in Haiti. Today's show was offered up for Haiti, and within it you will hear me giving out links to donate clothes, blood, food, and your time. I know we're all about music here, Friends and Fam, but it doesn't hurt that we're also compassionate to others needs. And that's all I'm going to say about that ...

Today's Guest brought us to our Soul's knees and had our hips shimmyin' left, right, and back back, forth and forth! Fathom DJ has been holdin' it down in Chicago for the last decade, but has lately gone world-wide - bringing her brand of Soul to the masses. I first heard of her through a mutual friend, and have been a follower and supporter of her sound ever since! She goes Deep, she gives Soul, and she does it with such a flair that she makes you feel like you're already on her dance floor getting your swerve on. Yes, Fathom DJ gave us such a show that she had the chair juker's uniting from the east to the west ... and we can't wait to have her back!

On a last note, I'd like to share some links with you that'll give you ANY opportunity to help those in need in Haiti. For clothes donations, to give blood, donate food, or even to reach down in your pockets to help out, you can visit these following websites: The Red Cross, Direct Relief, World Food Program, Unicef, the International Medical Corps, or Save The Children. Any bit helps out BIG TIME, Friends and Fam!!

Now for next week's show we got the one and only House Music Chief, Paul Johnson, making his way into the BCH booth! He's back, stronger than ever, and comin' at us in FULL EFFECT! This is a show that's not to be missed, y'all!!!!

Till next week, Freak Freely, be thankful for ALL you have, and stay grounded in Love. The brighter you shine - the BRIGHTER we ALL shine!
Enjoy Music,
Brick City House | Jan 06, 2009 | w/ Craig Sanderson
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January 07, 2010 06:27 AM PST
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*house music: (n.):
A style of disco music with a heavy bass beat, initially popularized in
underground all-night parties held in abandoned warehouses.

Well, first off I'd like to send a nice warm Happy New Year to you all, and then give you all the biggest hug ever! 2010 and all its hidden glory is finally before us, Friends and Fam, and I'm feeling pretty great right from the jump. It feels like there's a hum in the air that hasn't been around for some time, and there's something recognizable about it ... like there's a serious "change" that's about to come. Either way, this year its about steppin' our games up, hunchin' deep down into our Hustle, and really making sh*t happen for us the way we've envisioned it!

So for our first BCH show in 2010, we brought you someone who stepped up his game in serious strides in 09 ... and that's DJ, Craig Sanderson. Since making his first BCH appearance back in November 09, this DJ has found himself on his hustle with something fierce. Along with his best mate, DJ/Producer Chris Robson, he now finds himself one half of the duo SofaKingz, hosting a radio show with the same title on CHFM every Saturday [at 9pm GMT]; his first round ever of original releases are set to hit stores this Spring/Summer, and he's playing gigs that are reaching beyond the extends of his hometown of Newcastle, UK. From where I'm standing watching, I'd say that Craig was already on his way to bringing his hustle into a nice reality. The guy's doing it ... and he's doin' it with classsss.
Nothin' but support from us over here at the BCH, Craig! Keep steady on your hustle and shine on, man .... we got your back! smiley

Look out next week as we welcome Fathom DJ (Chicago, IL) for her first trip into the BCH booth. Now, we didn't meet until after I'd left the windy city; however, I have seen her play out while I was living there, and have since become a fan of her sound since being let on to it by a fellow DJ friend of mine. From Down-Tempo to House, this Lady keeps her foundation Soul ... and it ain't nuthin' to miss out on!

Once again, Everyone - Friends and Familia - thank you for supporting Brick City House. We hope this New Year brings you nothing but Ten goodness! We'll see you next week.
Freak Freely!
Brick City House | Dec 30, 2009 | w/ Leonard Trujillo (aka DJ Rise)
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December 31, 2009 02:44 AM PST
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*house music: (n.): A style of disco music with a heavy bass beat, initially popularized in underground all-night parties held in abandoned warehouses.*

Good evening, Freaks, and Happy New Year's pre-eve!
2 more days and this Year of ______ (insert word there) is done! Kaput! Over! And I for one couldn't be more excited. This time last year BCH was still a small pea steaming in the pot; not yet ready to be served, but simmering so just the right tastes would come of it. Now, looking back, I'm glad we took our time in preparing just the right dish to serve you. Brick City House is at the end of it's 9th month and, from where we're sitting, it's been a pretty damn great run! We've had Guests that hail from all avenue's of House Music; with backgrounds that couldn't be more different (yet are so similar to ours). Not that you need to be reminded but, lots of Love, Imagination, and hard work have gone in to preparing each show for your listening enjoyment .. and in 2010 we're only gonna get better! Cause 2009 was just the warm-up, Friends, Fam, and Freaks.

Yes, the New Year is upon us ... and what better way to greet it than to Rise to the occasion, yea? Which brings me to our last Brick City House Guest for 2009.

For our NYE special we've invited the one DJ that started it all for this BCH resident DJ and Founder, and that is the one and only DJ Leonard Trujillo (otherwise known as DJ Rise). This man was solely responsible for popping my House "cherry" back in 1994 when he put my very 1st piece of vinyl, St. Germain's "What's New" (on F Communication), into my hands, kickin' off an appreciation of House Music that has been with me for the last 16yrs. He's also one of 3 DJs that are responsible for giving San Antonio, Texas somewhere to go on a Friday night in the years between 1994-2005. Many a raver, club kid, party monsters, and promoters - both 1st and 2nd generation - praise him as being one of the founding father's of our House Music scene. This DJ included.
For Leonard's part in the show, we've gone a bit off-course by bringing you a very different BCH show today ... the first of our kind - EVER. We thought that we'd serve the main course first, as the main course is always best when served Hot! Leonard kicked off our first hour with his Soundtrack that's quite the "mix" but more of an expression of where's he's "at" after 20yrs. of being a DJ. Being our guest, we let Leonard do it his way by showcasing tracks and tunes that haven't left his DJ bag - Track by Track.

On a side note, I think that the Music Connoisseurs of our BCH audience will find a special something in his interview that we can all relate to: a passion for the Music that we don't just play, but have a deeper appreciation for on a whole other level.

Before we leave you to your NYE shenanigans, we'd like to once again let you know how much your Support and Love means to us. You - the Listener and the Dancer - make this all worth it. Without you, well .. we'd still be doing our thing ... but with you and because of you, it just makes it that much more fun to do!!

Happy New Year 2010, y'all! Freak as Freely as you want, and we'll see you next year!

Enjoy Music,
Brick City House | Dec 23, 2009 | Christmas w/the Newlyweds
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December 24, 2009 06:04 AM PST
*house music: (n.): A style of disco music with a heavy bass beat, initially popularized in underground all-night parties held in abandoned warehouses.*

Good evening, Friends and Fam, and Happy Holidays! I hope this finds you gearing up for an over-load of food, Family time, and great times with your Friends.
For this week's installment of Brick City House, I thought I'd do something a little more closer to the heart and invite my Husband, MrHun, to do the show with me. With that said, we're proud to present "Christmas with the Newlyweds"!

MrHun and myself took my 2hrs and combined it with his 2hrs from his JackumentoryExperience show (which follows directly after the BCH show) and brought you 4hrs of Music goodness that spanned decades of House Music. Our aim with this show was to have a party on-air, with the peeps we're grateful for having in our lives: You - the Listener and the Dancer. Also, this was the first time we've ever done a show together ... and being just married we thought it'd be nice to do what we've only done in the private of our studio - play some records and get stooopid with it!

But the good music don't stop there ... As a special treat for all your music lovers, we here at the BCH have put together a "stuffer" for your Freaktastic stockings with the hopes of turning you on to some talent that we've had the pleasure of knowing in our lives.
is a House Music show, but that doesn't mean that we don't believe in pushing ALL sorts of Great music your way. That being said, we thought we'd stuff your virtual stocking's with some stuffer's that include R&B, Jazztronica, and Down-Tempo taken to a whole other level of goodness! With Mixes from DJ Chicken George, Miss Kai, and DJ Gibby, these sounds will find themselves in your players for a nice chunk of 2010 ... and hopefully longer. Links to check out the DJ's and their sites are provided for your convienience.

Tune in next week as we bring you a DJ that heavily influenced the way I heard House Music, and started me on a House Music diet back in 1994 by placing St. Germain's "What's New" on my plate. Leonard Trujillo (aka DJ Rise) is credited with being at the forefront of House scene in San Antonio, Texas when it hit in the late 80's. He is one of the most true-to-heart DJ's I've ever come across and, thanks to him, is the reason that I'm schooled and know the difference between all genre's of House. This show is going to be very different from what we usually bring you on the BCH, and I hope that you're able to tune in.

Till next week, Friends and Fam, have a very safe and Happy Holidays! We wish you nothing but the happiest of times! With Love, from our Family to your's, Peace.

Enjoy Music and Freak Freely,

Brick City House | Dec 16, 2009 | w/ Bear Who?
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December 16, 2009 05:01 PM PST
*house music: (n.): A style of disco music with a heavy bass beat, initially popularized in
underground all-night parties held in abandoned warehouses.

Journal Entry #186 -"I had to write this now, as I'm pretty hyped ... Bear Who's show is on right now, and even though I should be playing Hostess by chatting it up in the room, I just had to step out and let you know what I'm feeling as Bear Who?'s in the mix ... killin' it. And I've just been taken back ...
I feel like it's 3am, and I've already been around Chicago to 6 diff clubs, and we just getting to the loft party down at Lake Street ... I'm feeling like my 2nd wind is coming up, as I step into a humid loft packed solid with bodies cuttin' rug's that have long since been worn down ... salsa house is pouring out from the Alan's, with a bass that has crept up and found it's way to the rhythm of my heartbeat ... perfect union .... with no clear view of whats going on, i feel myself movin to the floor for that get-down that I've been looking for all night. Now I've got some Disco, and everything is beautiful ... now I've got my jack, and from here there ain't no looking back ... Word. Little bit o' everything. Just how I like it ..."

With that clear, I'd like to introduce you to our BCH guest today, DJ/Producer/Booty Coordinator Mr. Bear Who?. Born and raised in Chicago, this man found himself picking up the DJ role at the tender age of 9; by 12yrs. old he found himself buying his first pair of decks, and by 17 found himself runnin' with The Hot Mix 5 and other very well-known DJs and Producers from Chi that had House music movin' at that time - Both on AND off the floors. Bear Who? has worked with Artists such as Basement Jaxx, Todd Terry, Sneak, Daft Punk, Derrick Carter, and Greenskeepers as a Producer and an artist. Now, after numerous tracks and EP's, one full-length album (with a new album in the works), countless remixes, and being a DJ for over 26yrs I think it's safe to say that Bear Who?'s found his spot in Music. For those of you that got "The Beatbox" (Bear Who?'s last album), y'all know what I'm talkin' about! Though in the same breath I can also say that this man keeps it so so House... his delivery is smooth as and brings to mind those mid-late dance floors that you've found yourself on, anywhere, between the times of midnight to 6am.
You know the one's where you're sweaty from the first DJ - just to have this DJ killin' it; you can't stop movin' and you're body's jackin' left to right with hips snappin', ... ow! oh! ow! oh! ... i mean, you so hyped you just might have "tha stank face" on and not even know it! << that's what I'm talkin' about what happened to me on today's show, Freaks. It was THAT hectic and I bounced single minute of it!
And that's how I feel about today's BCH show ... and I have no doubt that you're going to feel the same way, Freaks. For your Holiday down-time I highly recommend you getting to know Bear Who? by havin' this mix of his in your ears. Feel free to stuff the virtual stockings of your Friends and Loved one's by passing it onto those who share your love of getting-down. Remember, this season is the time for giving ... and who doesn't love the gift of Hot Music!

Tune in next week for a very special BCH Christmas as we... well ... telling you would be like letting you open your x-mas presents early, and I just can't do it. All I'm going to say is this: You would've never seen it comin' if I hadn't told ya. It's going to mos def be a special one, Friends and Family, and I hope you'll spend a few hours of your holiday with us.
So get the eggnog ready, make sure everyone brings a mixer or ice, set aside the "good glasses", make plenty of room for at least 3 bodies, and then gather the friends around the cubicle, laptop, living room, etc., as we usher in the BCH's very first Christmas in the Lo. On-line "cheers" wil be in order .. so consider yourself warned big smile

See you next week, Fam ... Freak Freely!
Sista ♥